July 2009

Another group that was born after Waterstone’s competition was The Fairy Tale Group.
13 double spreads, each one illustrated by a different artist to create a rhyme book taking the Classic Fairy Tales as the main theme.
‘Once Upon a Fairy Tale’ is not only a charming children’s book, it’s also a guessing game for the young ones, where they have to guess the title of each story by reading the hidden clues in each rhyme.
(I also had the honour to design back and front covers.)

The Princess and the pea.
(Gouache, colour pencil & Photoshop)

We were all working from a different location so the comunication had to be almost 24/7 and the information had to be very accured as well.

Finally, 5 of us had the chance to meet in Birmingham where we worked together doing the dummy book.

(See below for more details.)

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