"Once Upon A Fairy Tale".. The making of (Birmingham '09)

After "Freddie and the Fairy" (a competition launched by Waterstone's), more than 20 undiscovered artists met online and created "ILUSTRAPEDIA" (in flickr), but only 13 of them wanted to go further, and so, they created a book.
Since we were all based around Ireland and Uk, we were working independently on our own spread and rhymes and we were helping each other through the internet. Until the book came all together in Birmingham, were 5 of us were lucky enough to meet.

First step: To print all those double spreads. Caroline (the one on the right) did that for us. (Thanks Caroline!!!)

Second step: Sticking the pages together... and the covers as well.

Third step: the master piece is born! Ta-da! Let's take it to the publishers. (I love the diversity of the styles on the covers, every character interacts somehow with the rest of the characters around).

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