La Santa Pintada

This is the new Illustration I've been working on for a collective exhibition that will take place at a new cultural space/art gallery in Barcelona, called "La Santa Pintada" (a play on words between "The Holy Painted" and "The Holy Painting").

The request to take part in this collective exhibition is to use the concept "Santa Pintada" as the theme. And here is my contribution to such an amazing cultural space.

The name of this creative initiative came after the new owners (3 young and talented artists) found a small sculpture of a saint facing the building while they were refurbishing themselves this space. They thought it was a very good sign; therefore they decided to go for a name that should include the word "Santa" (Saint).

Why do I collaborate with this collective exhibition? Because I strongly believe that projects like this are great not only to promote new talents but also to make new bondings between artists of all disciplines. 

I wish you the best of luck and success, guys! 

"La Santa Pintada", situated in the heart of Barcelona, will officially open its gates to the public this week and many illustrators will get to know each other on a pretty cool inauguration.

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